Patented system for all stacking videoprojection needs

Stacking solution for professional projector mounts for professional and semi-professional three-dimensional projection (3D). KALIBRO is a unique solution, patented by EUROMET that allows micro adjustments on all axes, with brass knobs located laterally to accurately align the focus of the two projectors, thus ensuring the maximum concentricity, which is essential for the best 3D projection and image quality. KAL IBRO is the optimal and mandatory solution for this kind of application. It is always necessary to adjust the holes on the bearing plates, so it’s mandatory that you inform Euromet’s technical dept. as to the projector dimensions and data about the products that you have to install on both decks, in order to ensure that holes are drilled in the correct positions on the bearing plates, as well as for potential further modifications necessary for the correct placement of projectors.



EurometEvery EUROMET product is manufactured in conformity with regulatory standards CE, regarding IEC 60065 paragraph 19 and IEC 60950-1 paragraph 4.2.1, inherant to the security of suspended loads and anti-tipping for monitor supports.