Euromet extends its product range to offer new solutions for partners working in the rental service sector.

  • The SLIDE product series for screens
  • The KALIBRO product series for video projectors

The new product series is also designed for all those who offer professional mount-system rentals for trade fairs, corporate meetings, conferences, presentations, store openings, public events in city squares, private events in clubs, celebrations of various kinds, catwalk shows, exhibitions and museums.

SLIDE, the perfect solution for screens

  1. Slide can meet all stand-alone screen installation requirements for vertical and horizontal installations.
  2. SLIDE is equipped with the new millimetric height adjustment system, ensuring perfect positioning of the screen depending on the location and use.
  3. Slide is the ideal solution for Digital Signage, Touch Screen applications or any other conventional applications.
  4. Its robust structure was designed to guarantee full-load reliability and stability in compliance with the new applicable regulations, especially with regard to anti-tilting.
  5. SLIDE solutions are available in both floor-standing, freestanding or trolley versions (with wheels) and in the ceiling-mounted version.
  6. Slide is also available in a wide colour range and custom options with many different accessories, such as mounts for Sound bars, mini PCs, double screens or special heights.

KALIBRO, the perfect solution for Video projectors

  1. Kalibro was designed to be able to calibrate the video-projector tilt angle micrometrically
  2. Kalibro offers easy integration, thus ensuring full versatility and full option range for specific installations.
  3. The integrated quick-coupling mechanism makes mounting and removing for up to 3 cages easier and faster.
  4. The calibration device enables highly precise image adjustment
  5. This device is entirely made of stainless steel and can be used for outdoor applications with no oxidation problems
  6. Kalibro now has a wider range in order to adapt to many more projector models, such as Canon, Sony, NEC, Vivitec, Eiki, together with Panasonic, Epson and Christie