P/N: 05399

Colore: Silver

Steel-made universal ceiling mount bracket, adjustable for videoprojectors, with (L:780-1100mm) arm. There are 2 D.65x30mm holes that enable the cable passage, including VGA. It’s vertically tiltable (+-25°) as well as horizontally (360°) by adjusting the
central part (h40mm) of the assembly swivel. It can be fixed by its spanner which is supplied with the bracket. The support is fixed to the ceiling by a Ø200mm plate with 3 holes of 8mm, and 3 buttonholes, providing quick inspection for maintenance. To apply the Dia-Video
to the support, you have to use 4 arms of different dimensions (78/138/168mm). Use the feet to position the arms at the same height, and then fix to the support. M3, M4 and M5 screws and instruction manual included.

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EurometEvery EUROMET product is manufactured in conformity with regulatory standards CE, regarding IEC 60065 paragraph 19 and IEC 60950-1 paragraph 4.2.1, inherant to the security of suspended loads and anti-tipping for monitor supports.