Euromet was once again selected as best partner for professional supporting systems for video-installations. The new exhibition we are mentioning is the Biennale 2019, the 58th International Arts Exhibition “May You Live In Interesting Times”, which will be held in Venice until November 24th, 2019.

Euromet has contributed to setting up the exhibition and the rooms in cooperation with Neo Tech srl and supplied a set of frames with micro-adjustment system (cages) of the Kalibro series to hold all of the different video-projectors selected for the multimedia system solution for the event.

Opting for Kalibro, an exclusive and patented solution designed by EUROMET, was the best choice, as this kind of supporting system makes it possible to micrometrically adjust all the axes thanks to the lateral brass knobs enabling to precisely adjust the two projector focuses, thus ensuring maximum concentricity. Such features are crucial to ensure perfect projection and 3D image quality.

Kalibro is the ideal solution for video-projectors used for professional and semi-professional 3D videos, as well as for stacking systems.
Kalibro is compatible with various projector models by many brands, such as Canon, Sony, NEC, Vivitec, Eiki, together with Panasonic, Epson and Christie.