infinigrid solution videowall

Videowall Evolution

The completely tailor-made modular solution for any type of monitor

either in vertical (portrait) or in horizontal (landscape), guaranteeing an easy and optimal installation as well as total mounting precision both in alignment as well as planarity. With a 100% Italian design, the principal requisites for each and every end-user, designer or architect, have been taken into consideration and applied in order to address each and every necessity. Easy mounting, total versatility, a robust structure and above all maximum mounting dependability.

Infinigrid 2.0 has been thoroughly studied for any possible utilization. With its free-standing option, it can be installed in any type of ambience or on any surface (wall, wood, dry-wall, etc.). Standard 46”, 55” e 60” monitor size series are readily available and any other size can be provided upon request. The natural evolution of Euromet’s INFINIGRID 2.0 has been created to provide the utmost best Videowall solution.