For the event IDEA – Video Next Generation, organized by Prase Media Technologies and held on October 23rd, Euromet presented great novelties in the professional support system sector as an exclusive preview for the European market.

Volta is one of the most important novelties we are introducing today. Volta is the new stand/cart for large LED and video-walls. The ARCH structure –
characterized by vaults ("volta" means vault in Italian) – confers a peculiar line to the whole structure, making it stable, beautiful and modular. Volta is extremely easy to move, thanks to its high gravity centre. Its design stresses and enhances video-wall or led-wall quality by making it absolutely original and unique in its profile.

Volta is a modular support system: by just adding arch modules, the support system can adapt to any size, even to large video-walls, providing full support. It also enables perfect ventilation and warm air circulation thanks to its modular panels protecting and covering wires on the back of the structure.

All components are designed with great care: the cable connections as well as the fastening screws are hidden, thus ensuring utmost linearity and easy assembly. Its modular structure reflects transport simplicity and easy assembling. Thanks to a case containing all the required components, Volta can be easily assembled on site. Volta can be customised both in terms of colour – thanks to a wide range of colours available – and in terms of accessories: it is possible to add a RACK to store all necessary LED and video-wall elements (keyboards, mouse and other tools).

Volta is available both as fixed structure and as movable structure with wheels, in order to guarantee easy movements.