Arakno is the video projectors mount up to 45 kg, officially chosen by EIKI, NEC and CHRISTIE.

ARAKNO has the following characteristics:

  • Tilt system with patented mechanism
  • Brass screws to compensate for di fferences in screw holes
  • More precise centering
  • Possibility of customized flanges for attachment to projector
  • Universal mount got ready for customized applications
  • Adjustment knobs with micrometric sensitivity
  • Space for precision adjustment with hexagonal wrench, even when heavy loads are involved

Also available in:

In addition, ARAKNO is also available for projectors up to 20 kg in size:

Useful accessories for projectors mount ARAKNO

ARAKNO can be calibrated and adapted to different surfaces such as ceilings and trellises thanks to specific Euromet accessories.

ARAKNO flange for sloping ceilings, white Cod: 11931

Available also in the following colors:

Adapter for trusses Cod: 09216

Truss adapter (Americana) for aliscaff

Cod: 13353


  • For pipes Ø 50 mm
  • TUV certification


Extension Column L, white

Cod: 09265

Colour: White

Available also in the following colors:

They are available in different sizes


Plastic Ceiling Mount

Cod: 12378

Plastic coating for ceiling plate, accessory related to Arakno Standard – Euromet, best Italian production.

Plastic mask for dry-wall (dry-wall that utilizes the column system)

Cod: 12948

Additional Mounting Armsl, white, 170 mm

Cod: 11646

Colour: White

170 mm

Also available in:


Available in 200 mm

M – Arakno Calibration Device

Cod: 09565

Arakno calibration device, bracket for projector patented and produced by Euromet – made ​​in Italy – for the installation of overhead projectors, with a maximum weight of 45 kilograms.

Inclination system integrated with patented mechanism able to a maximum of 45 degrees, and capacity of rotation of 360 degrees. These features award to Arakno maximum versatility.

List of the main technical features:

  • Type: Ceiling (size model: M)
  • Material: Steel
  • Distance from the ceiling : 17.5 cm
  • Maximum load: 45 kg
  • Inclination: up to 45°
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Screws: M3 , M4 , M5 , M6
  • Bracket weight: 3.2 kg


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