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Euromet is among the Marche partners who took part in the construction of one of the most grandiose retraining works that involved OGR -Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino.

Inside this remarkable initiative, Sisme has been partner of OGR-CRT for the technological fitting in the foyer south and in the restaurant Snodo using all Philips products,

“We are proud of our team that has accomplished this great work using all of Philips’ products with an advanced m-frame for multimedia content playback,” said Mauro Ristè Sales Manager at Sisme spa, our distributor and partner.

V3 Elektroimpianti has managed the implementation thanks to the support and supply of Euromet mounts.

Videowall Infinigrid, Custom Wall Mounts and mounts called Scenario for Officine Grandi Riparazioni of Turin

In total, 158 Philips monitors were required, of various sizes, divided as follows:

– 20 “49” monitors to fully cover one side of the elevator column (2 x 10 pieces vertically) in the dining area, plus 6 more monitors, always 49 “in two of the other walls (2×2 pieces and 1 + 1 vertically )

– 2 98 “monitors for the restaurant room, both on the wall and on the floor supports.

– a large video foam installed in the foyer, for a remarkable visual impact, made with 75 49-inch monitors (15×5 pieces, installed at 6 meters high), while 3 inverted 84 “monitors are positioned vertically and side-by-side among them.

– 2 98 “monitors, with their ground supports, for the press room.

– at the sides of the stage hosting live events, two video waves made with 25 49-inch monitors (5×5 pieces)

To install these monitors, Euromet has chosen to use Videowall Infinigrid, custom wall mounts and wheleed mount Scenario model. In particular, the following were used:

  • 75 Infinigrid 2.0 modules with custom frame for the Philips 49 “monitor for making a 10×5 and adjacent a 5×5
  • 20pcs delle nostre FIX per il Videowall 2×10 di spessore minimale, realizzate per la parete accanto all’ascensore al pubblico del ristorante dell’OGR

  • 3 custom wall mounts for 84 “for Philips BDL8470EU (70Kg)
  • 2 Custom wall mounts for 98
  • 2 Terraced Model Supports Scenario for 98 “Philips BDL9870EU (91.40Kg)

The products we supplied have greatly reduced installation time (5 days), especially with Infinigrid 2.0, as the “frames” that make up the product (tailor made for us specifically for selected Philips Monitors) are practically like a template allowing a proper alignment and so-called “bubble” of the monitor.

Infinigrid has stigmatized a perfect functionality of microregulations – emphasized Cristiano Vaccarini of V3 Electroplants – to ensure perfect adaxiation and flatness.

INFINIGRID 2.0 – Modular modular mount OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin


The fully modular solution tailor-made for any type of monitor (*), either vertically (“portrait”) or horizontal (landscape), to ensure the best Videowall installation and provide the installer with total alignment accuracy of planarity.

With the Italian design, the main requirements that every user, designer or architect have to have are considered and put into practice. Ease of assembly, total versatility, robustness of the structure and above all the highest reliability of the installation.

It has been studied for every possible use. With the “ground drain” option, it can be installed on any type of surface (wall, plasterboard wood, etc.).

Versions for 46 “, 55” are available as standard, and on request for any other version, as in this case.

INFINIGRID 2.0 is the natural evolution designed by Euromet to always have the best result.

  • Features and Benefits:     Easy assembly
    Quick engagement
    Guaranteed security
    Micrometric calibration in all axes
    Guaranteed planarity
    Easy access to any type of intervention thanks to the pull-out bracket
    Total modularity of the structure
    Possibility of Ground Stand
    Portrait mode option

OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni

Le OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni represent one of the most important examples of industrial architecture in the nineteenth century in Turin. Following their closure in the early 1990s, a slow process of abandonment and degradation began, until 2013, when the CRT Foundation acquired the building (approximately 20,000 square meters), offices and discovered areas, and started the retraining. So we arrive to our days, namely September 30, 2017, when a big event called “Big Bang” starts with a series of concerts, exhibitions, performances, dance, performances on the new OGR project with the inauguration of “Officine Nord”, the first of the two large environments that make up the typical “H” shape of the entire complex.

Have you got a videowall installation project to realize, including big dimensions? Euromet is available to provide you with the right solutions tailored to your needs.
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