P/N: 19031

VOLTA 2 arches is the new stand/cart for LED-walls and monitors up to 110”
Its vaulted arch structure confers a specific line to the whole structure, making it stable, beautiful and modular.
VOLTA is extremely easy to move, thanks to its high gravity centre. Its design highlights and emphasises videwall and LED-wall quality, making it original and unique in its shape.
Volta is a modular support system: by just adding one additional arch unit, it can adapt to large videowalls for a perfect fit and support. It furthermore enables perfect warm air circulation thanks to modular panels protecting and covering cables in the back of the structure. All components are designed with utmost care, starting from the connectors up to hide-away screws, thus ensuring perfect linearity and quick assembling. Its modular structure stands for easy transport and mounting. Thanks to the box containing all of its components, VOLTA can be easily installed directly on site. VOLTA can be customised both in terms of coulours – thanks to the wide colour range – and in terms of accessories, such as a rack to store necessary elements for LED-walls and videowalls (keyboards, mouse and other objects).
VOLTA is both available with a fixed frame and with trolley and wheels to ensure easy movements.

EurometEvery EUROMET product is manufactured in conformity with regulatory standards CE, regarding IEC 60065 paragraph 19 and IEC 60950-1 paragraph 4.2.1, inherant to the security of suspended loads and anti-tipping for monitor supports.