The digital magazine “Integration Mag” reviewed some of the most successful professional systems for video-projectors, more specifically the models that are most appreciated by technicians and Euromet’s clients: AraknoMini AraknoArakno Wall, the Kalibro line and the new “UNIKA”. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

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Euromet, Made-in-Italy leadership to support professional video-projector systems

Euromet, the internationally renowned leading company operating in the professional supporting systems business for AV solutions, has consolidated its position throughout the years thanks to their professional supporting systems for video-projectors. More specifically, 2019 has been a special year for the Italian company, as Euromet’s products grew strongly in the professional market for video-projector supporting systems thanks to successful models, such as Arakno.

The Arakno System – patented worldwide, including the US – continues to be the most appreciated solution for professional technicians, thanks to its perfect, stable and quick adjusting system.

Over the years the system range has been improved with new models such as Mini Arakno and accessories such as Arakno Wall and Arakno Wall 2.0, clamps for mast fastening, flange for inclined ceiling mount and the S, M, L, XL extensible tube Series which completed it and made it suitable for any system requirement.

The introduction of the ranges Kalibro, Staking Frame Cage confirmed the high creativity and efficiency level of Euromet in its reference sector.

The Kalibro line is well-known as a reference system worldwide thanks to the various competitions won and to the adoption of this system by the main world projector manufacturers, who chose Euromet as a strategic partner, able to put forward new solutions and models constantly.

More specifically, this year the line was enriched with new solutions for video-projectors, such as Christie but also for Epson EBL-20000u and Panasonic PT-JW130 with an innovative side-fastening system to integrate already existing installations, such as K-TILT.

Furthermore, the company – located in Loreto – has not stopped creating and is still consolidating its market share thanks to the new lineUNIKA. Thus new structure made with a Staking Frame Cage System can be used for any existing cage model, ranging from Sony, Digital Projection, Barco video-projectors, up to Vivitek projectors – with definitely competitive prices.

The new “UNIKA” line maintains all calibrating and regulations systems available in Kalibro while adding a great variety of accessories such as the suspended fastening system with chains, perfect for rental services, the addition of protection walls or the Floor standing suspended system with adjustment.

The new structure also features models that are suitable to support bigger projectors available on the market, such as projectors with over 180 kg weight, while guaranteeing perfect calibration.

Finally, during the second half of the year Euromet will launch the brand new motorized structure to lift small, medium-sized as well as bigger projectors with a new adjustment system to be mounted with the new UNIKA cage.

Thanks to their technological leadership and complete product range for professional video-projector supporting systems, Euromet is ready to strengthen its market position, especially at an international level, without forgetting their principles, though: quality, creativity, effectiveness and love for “designed and made 100% in Italy“ quality products.

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