P/N: 11450

Professional stand/cart floor monitor support, ideal for digital signage applications, touch screen or any other conventional use. Its sturdy structure is designed to ensure total reliability of loading and stability in the respect and compliance with
safety standards with an eye to no-overturning in particular. In its lower section, the monitor consists of a shelf useful for keyboards, laptops, interactive pen. Ideal solution for professional video applications with large size monitors. This product is compatible with devices not superceding its max measurement defined by its fixing holes as described below. The quick coupling uprights can be installed on
several different heights rather than the main cross bar. With reference to the picture below, different positions are obtained from 100mm higher or 100mm lower. This support has supplied with wheels and designed with specific dimensions in order to allow easy transportation in any type of room or environment.

EurometEvery EUROMET product is manufactured in conformity with regulatory standards CE, regarding IEC 60065 paragraph 19 and IEC 60950-1 paragraph 4.2.1, inherant to the security of suspended loads and anti-tipping for monitor supports.