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The Euromet wired microphone stand is an elegant accessory for stage, conference rooms, churches and classrooms for presentations and stage applications. It is a support entirely made in Italy with an eye-catching look that combines style, function and design.

The wired microphone stand (cod. 04367) is equipped with a locking knob, which controls the inclination angle. When the rod is inclined downwards, it becomes like an arm that allows the microphone to be placed near the performer without interfering with its execution or with any instrument. When used for chorus or instrument applications, the rod allows the microphone to reach a height of 110 mm.

Microphone stand with black matte finish

The matte black finish accentuates the graceful shape of the stand and prevents undesirable reflexes during a video or movie shooting. Its cast iron base guarantees stability to the shaft and microphone.

Internal Cable – Microphone Stand

The microphone cable is integrated into the support. Provides an elegant profile because cables are not visible when the media is in use.

XLR Neutrik Connectors – Microphone Stand

Neutrik connectors (male and female) are integrated into the support and offer a high quality signal transfer. Locking connections ensure that recording or performance is not interrupted if the cable is pulled.

The cast iron base – Microphone stand

The microphone rod is equipped with a cast iron base of 250 mm diameter that maximizes rod and microphone stability.

For more information on the microphone stand or to request a product quote, contact Euromet.


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