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Epson Visual Village is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the most innovative video projector solutions for home, office, classroom, and large spaces.

Epson has set up a true exhibition path between Epson’s most cutting-edge projection technology applications. All this was done in collaboration with important partners including Euromet.

For years, Euromet is the official Epson supplier of professional audio-video media.

At Epson Visual Village, Euromet will show Arakno one of the top products within professional video projector holders. In addition, in absolute preview, we will see two new products in the Caliber series.


Arakno, modular video projectors mount


Arakno is a video projector mount made entirely in Italy and designed to achieve total compactness and at the same time modularity of the structure. It supports video projectors up to 45 kg and it has the following features:

  • Tilt system with patented mechanism
  • Brass screws to compensate for di fferences in screw holes
  • More precise centering
  • Possibility of customized flanges for attachment to projector
  • Universal mount got ready for customized applications
  • Adjustment knobs with micrometric sensitivity
  • Space for precision adjustment with hexagonal wrench, even when heavy loads are involved

Arakno is available in three color versions: white, black and gray.

09058 Supporto universale per videoproiettore fino a 45kg



Kalibro, video projection in stacking



Supports stacking slides for professional and semiprofessional three-dimensional (3D) projections. KALIBRO is an exclusive and patented solution by EUROMET that allows micrometric adjustment across all axes, through the brass knobs placed laterally, to precisely align the fires of the two projectors thus guaranteeing maximum concentration, essential for proper projection and quality of 3D images.

We do not want to disclose the latest Kalibro news and we invite you to view them at Epson Visual Village.

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